Best Moisturizer For Very Dry Skin

October 26, 2009 | | Comments 0

A good moisturizer is having quality of good smell, it can softening the clenser
skin, not greasy, first of all it should not irritate the skin.
Each type of human skin requires good moisturisers but dry skin requires  it mostly and badly.Good quality lotion can make your skin dry, but also soft and supple.

There are many choices in the market  for the treatment of dry skin, but the moisturser is considered as the best.

You can choose a different moisturizers and moisturizing cream on the
market different brands, but be sure to pick the best one. The most
important they had to see one of the options is to see the products do
not plug the pores, or there will not  be any help.

Special Note for dry skin

Some useful tips to take care of dry skin and keep it bright ,glowing:

1-It is always recommend that you completely avoid tap water and hot
water. Hot water to further make the skin more dry, flaky,you should
always pure water or mineral water to wash your face.

2-Donot ever try to dry your face by rubbing it with any towel ..betetr
to leave it to dry itself naturally.
3-stop using soap immediately if you are using until now. Soap make the
skin dry and harsh elements to run.Baby soap or face wash is advisable
for ths purpose.
4-Never come out to Sun ray directly without applying sunscream lotion
in your face.
The dangerous ultra violet rays are very harmful for dry skin. UV rays
always affects dry skin badly as compared to normal or oily skin.So be
careful about it.

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