Mineral makeup – a makeup that never looks like a makeup.

November 19, 2009 | | Comments 0

All those men and women who care for their skin, are always on the mineral-makeup-thumblook out for the latest breakthroughs in the field of cosmetics. It’s highly essential taking into consideration the fact that technology never remains passive and inactive. It works. It suggests rectifications and modifications. It educates. One such invention that’s creating waves in the cosmetic industry and in the consumer circles is “Mineral Makeup. What makes Mineral makeup the toast of the people? In what way, Mineral makeup is different from the conventional commercial makeup products? In the ensuing lines, we will discuss all about Mineral makeup.

Mineral makeup is altogether a different proposition. Mineral makeup products are fragrance free. Fragrance in a product is added to lure the gullible buyers.. People fall for the mesmerizing fragrance, little knowing that all artificial fragrances are caused by chemicals. These chemicals damage the skin, paving the way to innumerable skin related ailments. Some of them are irrevocable.

Another virtue in the Mineral makeup is, it rests on the surface of the face without clogging the pores. Sebum is natural oil produced by the sebaceous glands in the skin. Though the need for the Sebum is essential to keep the moisture level of the skin, excess Sebum is an unwanted thing. Excess sebum clogs the pores of the skin resulting in accumulation of oil making the skin greasy and oily. It’s not all. The dust and grime gathered during our day to day outdoor chores too accumulate over the skin closing the pores, If the pores are closed, skin becomes breathless failing miserably to eliminate the body toxins. These accumulated oils; dust and grime make the skin an ideal breeding ground for bacteria. They cause acne and several other skin related diseases. So, it’s clear that skin pores should be kept healthy. And this is what exactly Mineral makeup does.

Another added advantage of Mineral makeup is that, it doesn’t make you feel that you are wearing a mask. Where as the unfriendly commercial products, due to their heaviness make you feel as if youy are wearing heavy masks. One can sleep with mineral makeup. It stays on the face overnight. It stays active longer than the conventional makeup. But , a word of caution. A common ingredient found in these commercial products is Bismuth oxychloride. Though it is a mineral, it is not a natural mineral. Avoid it by all means.

In the light of the above, choose the right mineral makeup. Check the product labels. Insist on Mineral makeup. Reap the fruits of the goodness of mineral makeup for an ever radiant and blemish less skin.

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